How This Learning Resource Takes the Yikes! Out of Studying Science

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

These bite-sized lessons are perfect for young learners

Not everyone has fond memories of biology lab. Maybe the frogs, worms, and Eau de formaldehyde made you queasy and trying to learn all those complicated theories and definitions just stressed you out!

Now, your young learners, curious about almost everything, ask “why” and “how” umpteen times a day! You know learning about science can answer a lot of those questions, and it could be a fun way to explore our world, but….

The truth is, it might not be fun for you to teach science.

I totally understand.

I thank my Mom for introducing me to nature at an early age. We’d watch robins and sparrows scrabble for food in our tiny backyard. Lightening bugs, caterpillars, and grasshoppers were brief summer residents in our Bug Catcher. One day, after school, I came home to find a robin’s egg nestled in a Dixie cup.

I’m sure you’ve engaged your children in this way. Creating memorable interactions is a big part of what makes homeschooling so wonderful. I went to public school in Chicago and don’t recall my science classes being thrilling, but my Mom’s interest in nature was infectious.

The good news is you can teach your young learners science!

I know you might be thinking, “My kids are too young to tackle those complex topics.”

The good news is they aren’t too young and here’s some really great news:

Learning About Science Collection, Level 1 and Level 2 by Bonnie Rose Hudson, WriteBonnieRose is an exciting new science resource designed for grades 1st to 3rd. The easy to understand units explore life science, earth science, and physical science.

Bonnie Rose has been writing and publishing educational resources for the homeschool community for several years. Families, happy to leave the thick textbooks behind, rave about her valuable history resources and printables. Bonnie Rose realized there was a need for an easier way to learn science and wanted to introduce children to science at an early age.

So what’s in the books?

Well, I am glad you asked. I had the privilege to review these books and appreciate the bite-sized units. Here's why this is a great way to teach challenging science topics to young learners:

  • Each unit focuses on one concept because longer isn’t better. Quality storytelling makes complex topics easy to understand, and short “bites” of information help get to the learning outcome quicker.

  • There are no complicated theories or hypothesis and definitions are easy to understand.

  • Students can choose a learning journey tailored for them. Maybe they are super fascinated by the moon and stars or want to know how clouds are formed, there’s a targeted unit for that subject.

Take a look at what you’ll explore with your children:

Learning About Science Collection, Level 1

  • Familiar Plants and How They Grow

  • Fruits and Vegetables Around the World

  • Animal Habitats of the World

  • Our Senses and Systems and How They Work

  • Learning About Life Cycles

  • Earth: Layers, Earthquakes, and Volcanoes

  • Exploring States of Matter

Learning About Science Collection, Level 2

  • Understanding Food Chains

  • Why Do Animals Hibernate?

  • Plants: How They Grow and How They Help Us

  • A Closer Look at Body Systems

  • The Cycle of Water and Types of Clouds

  • The Solar System: Planets, Earth’s Moon, and Constellations

  • Forces and Simple Machines

  • Scientists and the Scientific Method

The bright covers invite your child to open up the books and begin exploring! In addition to the science units, students can personalize each book by coloring the illustrations and tracing the keywords in the space provided. Fun handwriting practice will make the definitions easier to remember. There are review activity sheets (more illustrations to color!) with answer keys included.

These are the essentials that you can use to teach your young learners science. What an opportunity to explore and answer all those questions and, the best part is, it encourages student and teacher to marvel at the Lord's Wonderful Creation.

I’m sure WriteBonnieRose subscribers are excited about this new resource and can't wait to take advantage of this incredible offer. They know Bonnie Rose provides excellent value and trustworthy information.

You got this!